1. Every bit of the expert, personal service you receive from a Mouse Master is completely FREE.

2. You have better things to do than dig for rumors of coming Disney discounts. When we book your reservation, we’re constantly monitoring for discounts that would apply to your booking. When more than one discount would apply, we’ll compare the savings and figure out which provides the better deal in your particular situation. If the discount is available, we’ll rebook your reservation – you’ll just get an Email telling you how much money you’ve saved.

3. You can still get up at 5 a.m. to make your own Advanced Dining Reservations if you want to. But if you’d rather, we’re happy to do that for you (and make any changes that you decide you’d prefer along the way as well).

4. We’ll provide you with the level of detailed assistance you desire – from simply booking and monitoring for discounts to helping you determine which theme parks to visit on which days to detailed, step-by-step touring plans to maximize your time enjoying attractions and minimize your time standing in lines.

5. Because you’ll NEVER pay more booking through us than you would by booking directly through Disney – and you may very well end up paying LESS.

Mouse Master℠ Travel is a service mark of Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC

Mouse Master Travel has been designated an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner by Disney as a result of our agency’s ongoing focus and commitment to planning customized, magical trips to the Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line® and other Disney vacation destinations worldwide.
6. There’s more to experience than anyone could possibly take in all in one vacation at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or the Disney Cruise Line. We’ll help you weigh your options and prioritize your choices so that your vacation is the perfect vacation for you.

7. We love the Disney product overall. But you will ALWAYS get our honest, direct, unvarnished opinion of particular locations, attractions, restaurants and experiences.

8. We’ll make sure that you’ve considered your options and are ready when the various Disney deadlines and booking windows arrive. We’ll be your partner in making sure that you get your preferred FastPass+ reservations, ADRs, and excursions booked at the earliest possible opportunity.

9. Disney magic is available at a broad range of price points, and it’s our job to ensure that you to get the most out of your vacation budget. We may make a more expensive recommendation if we think it will better meet your needs. But we will never recommend a costly upgrade without a reason for doing so and taking the time to explain your options to you.

10. We make communication as convenient as possible. We’re available via phone, Email, and more. And though your primary contact will always be your personal Mouse Master, we have systems in place to ensure coverage when an individual Mouse Master may be unavailable to respond right away.

Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC is a member of a number of travel industry trade associations, including CLIA, NACTA, and is an affiliate of the Travel Leaders Network.

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