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Do you have a passion for family travel, a commitment to outstanding guest service, and an entrepreneurial spirit?

Our Core Values

Our Mission

At Mouse Master Travel, our mission is to provide each guest with the opportunity to experience their IDEAL vacation – AS DEFINED BY THE GUEST. We succeed in Our Mission by consistently practicing our Three Core Behaviors:


It’s the client’s vacation, not ours. We know what’s available. They know what they want. Our job is to match those things up. (And if they don’t really know what they want, it’s our job to help them figure that out).


No one expects you to be on duty 24/7. We strive to return phone calls and Emails within four hours,
whenever possible. We expect agents to provide clients with a phone number and Email address – and we facilitate this by providing you with an Email address and with the option of purchasing an inexpensive toll-free telephone extension.


Guests should be able to RELY on the information we give them. Everything isn’t always awesome. Some experiences aren’t ideal in particular situations. Setting realistic expectations with guests results in a better guest experience.

The Mouse Master Culture

All Mouse Master Travel agents are independent contractors. Being independent means having the freedom to set your own hours, build your own client list, and develop a business that reflects your unique personality and perspective.

Ready to make some magic?

We are a small, boutique, agency, committed to continuing our steady, consistent growth. We’re not interested in being a collection of hundreds of agents who don’t even recognize each others’ names. If you’d like to be considered for a contract to become part of a collaborative community of independent travel professionals, click the button below and submit an application.

Business Development & Support

We work collaboratively with our team of independent travel professionals to build our businesses together. Their success is our success.

Competitive Commission

Rates grow with your business

Optional Business Services

G-Suite, Web space, Toll-free phone extension, Discounted TravelJoy CRM

Agency Owner Support

Schedule private consults online. Agents Tips blog updated regularly.

Initial Startup Training

Updated regularly.

Regular Training

Monthly “Training Tuesday” live webinars. Additional training through agent portal.

Collegial Agent Community

Cooperative and collaborative community of independent agents, sharing ideas and experiences in our private Facebook Group and during informal online hangouts.

Have Questions?

Not ready to submit your application yet? Use this form to send us your questions. Note that we will only respond to questions from individuals who give their full name. Priority is given to questioners who provide a phone number as well.

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