This past week, Drew Barrymore was on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about how much she loves taking her children to Disney® theme parks, but also sharing photos of epic meltdowns at both Disneyland® Theme Park and at Walt Disney World.®

I almost always recommend that clients take a midday break when on a Disney® theme park vacation. I make that recommendation regardless of the age of the children in the traveling party. As my own 14-year-old daughter puts it, “I’m proud that I take a nap while I’m on vacation!” She’s proud of it because, since we started insisting on taking a “break” (which inevitably morphs into at least a brief nap), we haven’t missed a fireworks show or evening Extra Magic Hours that we wanted to experience. And we still manage to make rope drop the next morning.

Ultimately, there are no complete absolutes. There are other ways to enjoy your theme park experience. And if you’re sure you want to stay in a theme park straight through all day, we’re happy to help you plan a vacation around that principle. But I encourage you to give that mid-day break a shot at least once. It’s the best preventative medicine against theme park meltdowns I know.


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