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DARQ Matter Everyday 10k Charger
The Mouse Master Travel Product of the Month is the DARQ Matter Everyday 10k Portable Charger.

Once, when my wife and daughter were meeting Aladdin and Jasmine at Walt Disney World, Aladdin noticed that the cell phone my wife was using to take photos was “connected” to her pocket by a wire. Intrigued, Aladdin asked her what it was. When my wife explained that it was a charger, because her battery was almost dead from all of the pictures she’d been taking, Aladdin admired her charger knowingly and said, “Ahhhhh, I see. A whole lot of power, in an itty bitty little space.” 🙂

Public WiFi access at Disneyland has been in beta testing for the last several weeks, so more information about the Disneyland electronic Fastpass system should surface soon. Walt Disney World vacations are managed through the My Disney Experience app. Even Disney Cruise Line has an onboard app with TONS of useful information (you can even send text messages to Wave Phones on board using your smartphone).

And we find plenty of other uses for our mobile devices – taking photos and video, passing time in queues, GPS to find our way (and our other party members), making calls and sending text messages – all of these (and let’s be honest, ESPECIALLY the My Disney Experience app) will seriously drain your device’s battery. The best way we know to avoid that feeling of dread upon seeing the red bar low battery warning is the DARQ Matter Everyday 10k Portable Charger.

You can find a cheaper charger, but you won’t find one that’s better. DARQ Matter Everyday 10k is lightweight and has a slim form factor that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. It can fully recharge a power hungry iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7 from completely empty three times on a single charge. And thanks to fully-implemented QuickCharge 2.0 technology, your device will recharge up to 75% faster than via conventional charging methods. If you’re going to have to carry something extra with you on vacation, why not make sure that it delivers what you need it to deliver in the most efficient way possible?

Mouse Master Travel has not been compensated for this review in any way. We’re simply happy DARQ Matter Everyday 10k owners, and want you to enjoy the same performance and value that we’ve been enjoying from our Everyday 10k for the last year.