Using Digital FASTPASS at Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland FASTPASS system underwent some important changes this week, inching closer to FASTPASS without paper tickets. This is NOT YET the “MaxPass” system that Disney Parks Blog posted about back in January. That’s still coming soon, and we’ll keep you updated when it goes live and the final rules for its use are in place. Digital FASTPASS appears to be a sort of bridge to MaxPass.

How to Use Digital FASTPASS

There’s no real change to the way you pull a FASTPASS at Disneyland. You still walk up to the FASTPASS distribution kiosk and insert your ticket into the slot (and repeat the process for everyone who will be riding the attraction via FASTPASS with you). With each ticket (or annual pass) insertion, the machine will still (for the time being at least) issue a paper ticket that indicates what time you should return to the attraction and get in the FASTPASS line. The differences really start to kick in with the next step.

The ticket dispensed by the FASTPASS machine is now clearly designated a “reminder.” Though your return time is listed on the paper ticket, the time is the only part that’s important. The paper ticket, once the information has been conveyed, is irrelevant. The paper ticket itself will not be collected when you return to the attraction to use your FASTPASS.

The return time has been digitally attached to your admission ticket itself. (Once MaxPass rolls out, it’s expected that you’ll be able to view your return times in the Disneyland smartphone app, though it is not yet clear whether “regular” digital FASTPASSes will be able to be viewed in the app, or only those that are part of the additional cost MaxPass program).

When you return to the attraction at your appointed time, the barcode on your admission ticket will be scanned twice – once when you enter the FASTPASS queue, and once more at the point where the FASTPASS queue merges to the attraction boarding area. Right now, the reminder tickets have a bar code too, and can be scanned. But there’s no word on how long reminder tickets will print with bar codes or how long reminder tickets will continue to be distributed.

All valid ticket media – annual passes and regular admission tickets – have barcodes that can be scanned.

Just a few things to keep in mind, as theme park guests and Cast Members get used to this new system, and the software/hardware behind the new system gets tested at busy summer park crowd scale:

  • Even though the FASTPASSes are digital, and are stored with your theme park ticket, hang on to those Reminder Tickets for as long as they’re being distributed. If the scanning system goes down, it will be handy to have that reminder ticket.
  • A lanyard with a clear card holder is handier than ever now. You’ll still need to take your ticket out to pull the FASTPASS initially, but the scanners will work through a clean, clear, card holder.
  • World of Color and Fantasmic! (when it returns) will continue to rely on the paper ticket FASTPASS, so take care not to discard those. You’ll need them to enter the reserved seating area.
  • Be patient with Cast Members and your fellow guests. This is going to take some getting used to for folks who have been using the old system for quite a while now.

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